Ji'an Reliable Transit (JRT)

Ji'an is small to medium sized metropolitan area in Jiangxi Province. The three urban areas around the city are Ji'an, Ji'an County and Jishui, which have a combined population of around 1 million inhabitants. Far East Mobility, under a contract with the Ji'an project management office and funded through the Asian Development Bank's project in the city, is assisting with and supervising the planning, design, implementation and operation of a BRT project connecting Ji'an with Ji'an County. This is a multi-year project starting in February 2016. The project also includes traffic management, non-motorized transport improvements, and greenways.

During 2017 Far East Mobility worked on transit-oriented development (TOD) in Ji'an together with BRT Planning International, resulting in a series of articles on the challenges and context for TOD in Ji'an.

The initial focus of the work was on ensuring a good BRT corridor selection, and this was achieved in July 2017. In a major meeting on 17 July the two most senior city officials, the Mayor and Party Secretary, endorsed Far East Mobility's corridor recommendation of Jinggangshan Avenue. However, negative feedback was reportedly received from some influential members of the public, leading to the City abandoning the plans for median-aligned BRT and instead opting for curb-aligned bus improvements centred around a core high frequency bus network.

After working on BRT planning during 2017, Far East Mobility switched to working on the planning and design of a high frequency bus network in Ji'an, known as Ji'an Reliable Transit or JRT, during 2018 and into 2019.

Ji'an related resources include a TOD introduction, and an article on a real-time bus location application at bus stops in Ji'an.