Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China

Project Name: Guiyang Public Transport and BRT Plan

January 2016 to December 2017
Guiyang Municipal Public Transport (Group) Company Ltd
Project Features
Guiyang’s municipal bus company was in a period of rapid expansion and Far East Mobility was contracted to provide input to bus route optimization and BRT planning. (Other aspects of the overall transit planning included terminals, ITS, and route planning based on rapid demand changes associated with urban expansion.) Several corridors were being considered for BRT and the city was already designing a BRT on an elevated inner ring road and wanted to plan additional BRT corridors.
Far East Mobility Role

Far East Mobility prepared an operational plan and design for two of the main corridors being considered. Unfortunately, the concept for BRT which had earlier emerged provided radial coverage only as far as an inner ring road, and not inside the urban core where most of the demand is concentrated. The Emme demand model and several months of demand and other related surveys helped to make the case in Guiyang that the BRT services needed to extend into the urban core.

We also provided recommendations on how to optimize the operations along the phase 1 BRT corridor which opened in early 2017 and initially experienced low ridership.

During 2017 we worked with the Guangzhou Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute to produce a preliminary BRT plan and design for a BRT corridor in newly-build road to the north of the city, though the plans were not subsequently implemented.

Updated: 28/12/2020