Dhaka, Bangladesh

Project Name: Dhaka BRT Review and Revision Proposals

February 2022 to June 2022
Agence Française de Développement
Project Features
The 21.4km north-south BRT corridor between Gazipur and the Airport is under construction as of mid-2022. The corridor was originally planned to connect to the higher demand central area at Mohakhali but was later truncated to the Airport. The operational design as envisaged in early 2022 was for BRT buses to operate only in the BRT corridor, with passengers transferring to feeder routes at major stations.
Far East Mobility Role
Far East Mobility reviewed the BRT corridor design, demand estimates, and operational plan. Proposals for major changes were made regarding both stations and the operational plan. Since stations were already under construction it was necessary to work within the design station footprint in proposing changes. Stations were generally upgraded in capacity from one to two substops. The proposed operational design had trunk-only BRT operations and Far East Mobility developed and proposed a third generation direct service operational plan much better suited to the corridor demand and within the target maximum BRT fleet requirement.
Updated: 11/07/2022