Wuzhou, Guangxi Province, China

Project Name: TA-9732 PRC: Preparing Urban and Social Development Projects (Guangxi Wuzhou Healthy and Age-Friendly City Development)

April 2022 to October 2022
Asian Development Bank
Project Features

One of the innovative features of the ADB’s Guangxi program will be piloting the concept of living streets in Wuzhou, and also improving public spaces, sidewalks, pocket parks and so on. To make the urban environment more friendly to children, older persons, and persons with disabilities, applying universal and inclusive design principles. The design of living streets emphasizes people, community life and interaction and promotes community cohesion as opposed giving priority to driven and parked vehicles. Living streets and other inclusive public spaces are social places where people can meet, older people can exercise, and children can play safely. The concept does not necessarily exclude vehicles completely but aims at reducing both their speed and dominance through design features that slow them down and prohibits parking in areas that obstruct community use.

To come up with a technically sound design for the living streets pilot in Wuzhou, an Urban Development Specialist with living streets expertise is required to develop a detailed concept, designs, and implementation plan. The objective of the assignment is to complete a conceptual and engineering design for living streets and build the capacity of local line agencies.

Far East Mobility Role
Far East Mobility provided the Urban Development Specialist for the project, producing the following deliverables:
  • Brief on international and national best practices on living streets;
  • Training module on living streets and universal/inclusive design of public spaces for government agencies, design institutes (DI) and local communities;
  • Criteria for selecting candidate sites for living streets and other public spaces;
  • Conceptual design of the living streets and other public spaces to be selected;
  • Detailed design of living streets and other public spaces to be selected;
  • Knowledge product on living streets.
Updated: 13/08/2022