About Far East Mobility

Far East Mobility's mission is to help cities plan, design and implement successful BRT and sustainable transport corridors which then inspire replication in other cities.

In order to achieve this mission as consultants, there are three broad requirements. First, the project has to be excellent and successful over a sustained period. Second, the project has to include a range of improvements including BRT and TOD. It should be an urban development project and corridor, not just a BRT project and corridor. Third, the project needs to be promoted, with impacts documented. Our mission is more focused on the first two steps, ensuring a successful project over a sustained period and ensuring that the project is a transformative urban corridor, but can also extend to the project promotion and impact analysis.

Far East Mobility is a Hong Kong registered company (the Far East BRT Planning Co., Limited) set up in 2015 to further this mission. Members of Far East Mobility’s team of key experts including Karl Fjellstrom, Xiaomei Duan and Wenxuan Ma led the planning, design and implementaton of Asia’s two 'Gold Standard' BRT systems in Guangzhou and Yichang, as documented here.

Far East Mobility draws on regular consultants as well as full-time staff, researchers and engineers in the fields of BRT, parking, non-motorized transport planning, road design, traffic management, and transit-oriented development. We regularly cooperate on projects with BRT Planning International, LLC, and we have a close working relationship with the Guangzhou Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute (GMEDRI). Far East Mobility experts have worked with GMEDRI on many projects over the last 15 years, in China and around the region.

Xiaomei Duan presenting at a conference in Kazan, Russia in May 2016 and Karl Fjellstrom being interviewed by Phoenix TV in 2012.
Far East Mobility staff discuss the Peshawar BRT design in June 2016.
Karl Fjellstrom and Du Yipeng from Far East Mobility presented BRT issues and improvement proposals at a Guangzhou Communications Commission meeting with a visiting Shanghai delegation, 24 March 2017.
Left: Far East Mobility Director Karl Fjellstrom won the Guangzhou Friendship Award in 2011, in recognition of his work on the Guangzhou BRT project. This award is the highest honour given by the Guangzhou Municipal Government to foreign experts. Right: Karl Fjellstrom's awards from the Guangzhou Municipal Government and Lanzhou Municipal Government in recognition of work on the Guangzhou and Lanzhou BRT systems respectively.
Guangzhou won the Sustainable Transport Award in 2011, and Yichang won the Sustainable Transport Award in 2016. Both projects were led by Far East Mobility experts working for ITDP and GMEDRI. Far East Mobility staff have won several major design and other expert awards based on the success of their work in Guangzhou and other cities.
Clockwise from top left: BRT Gold Standard Award ceremony to the Guangzhou BRT in 2013, Yichang Sustainable Transport Award in 2016, Guangzhou Sustainable Transport Award in 2011, and the Guangzhou BRT on display as part of a Smithosonian exhibition in the lobby of the United Nations Building in New York in 2012.
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