Yichang BRT Impacts

This Yichang BRT impact analysis was carried out by ITDP, under the management of Far East Mobility experts working at the time for ITDP. It was funded by the Oak Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Survey methodology

Questions to bus passengers

Bus service in the BRT corridor:

Bus stop/station security (all passengers):

Bus stop/station security (female passengers):

Bus stops/stations:

Conditions inside the buses (all passengers):

Conditions inside buses (female passengers):

Bus stop/station information:

Bus waiting time:

Bus reliability:

Quality of the environment:

Civic pride:

Mode shift

See article here for more information on the mode shift survey at developments along the BRT corridor.

Surveys were carried out in the AM peak hour. 'Before' data is from July 2014 and April 2015. 'With BRT' data is from October 2015. Bike and e-bike volumes were evenly split. Bicuiyuan opened in 2005, with an additional four buildings opening in 2015 around the time the BRT opened. The increase in overall trips and the small increase in car mode share at Bicuiyuan may be attributable to these new buildings opening. Bus mode share of people leaving during the morning peak at Bicuiyuan hour nevertheless rose from 20% before BRT to 27% with BRT.

Incomes & trip costs

Trip costs:

Note: bus fares increased citywide on 1 July 2015

Income of bus passengers in BRT corridor:

Income of pedestrians in BRT corridor:

Income of cyclists in BRT corridor:

Income of car drivers in BRT and control corridor:

Traffic flows

Bus passenger flow:

Bicycle flow:

Yichang bus vehicle kilometers travelled:

Data from Yichang Bus Company

Peak hour bus speed in BRT corridor (km/hr):

Note: target operational speed is >22km/hr after signal adjustment (cancelling many u-turns) and lane divider installation in late 2015.

Road safety

Traffic fatalities in BRT corridor:

Data from Yichang Traffic Police

Questions to cyclists

Bicycle facilities:

Bicycle safety:

Questions to pedestrians

Pedestrian facilities:

Pedestrian safety:

Questions to car owners

Quality of bus service: