Guangzhou BRT impact analysis

The 2019 survey was carried out by Far East Mobility. The earlier surveys were carried out by ITDP and funded by the Oak Foundation and Climateworks.

Survey methodology

Questions to bus passengers:

Bus service in the BRT corridor

Bus reliability

Bus stop/station security

Bus stops/stations


Bus stop/station information


Civic pride

Bus service citywide

Questions to cyclists:

Bicycle facilities

Bicycle safety

Bike parking availability

Bike parking security

Cycling reliability

Questions to pedestrians:

Walking conditions

Pedestrian safety


Bus passenger volume:

Shidajida BRT station - highest passenger throughput

Mixed (non-BRT) traffic volume:

Gangding BRT station mixed traffic (station with highest evening peak BRT boarding)

Tangxia BRT station mixed traffic (station with highest morning peak BRT boarding)